MISURA’s portable FullHD monitors are unique devices that stand out for their high performance and compact size, making them easy to use.

They are designed to keep you productive wherever you go.

What are the advantages of our monitors?

Extended workplace.



Home office solution.



Up to 265 ° monitor rotation.

Up to 265°

monitor rotation

Easy to transport.


to transport

Easy layout.



Compatible with all OS.


with all OS

Why a portable monitor

Increasing work efficiency.

work efficiency

More space means more visibility and less switching between applications.

Adaptive for different sizes of laptops.

Adaptive for different
laptop sizes

Find out compatibility with your laptop.

Easy to lay out and assemble.

Easy layout
and assembly

Patented folding mechanism makes it very easy to fold and unfold monitors.

USB-C connection.

Connect with

If your computer is not equipped with this connector, a combination of HDMI and USB-A connections can be used.

Three screen sizes.


10.1″, 11.6″ and 13.3″ panels with IPS technology.

Full HD resolution.

Full HD

Sharp and detailed images thanks to Full HD (1920 x 1400) resolution.

Compatible with various OS.

Compatible with
various OS

Windows, macOS, Linux? Yes.

Optional input device.

input devices

Choose the appropriate combination of connections. MISURA monitors can be connected via USB-C or HDMI + USB-A.

Shopping with a personal assistant.

Purchase with a
personal assistant

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Our team is ready to help you in the best possible way.
Ing. Jiří Mihel

Find out which monitors are suitable for your laptop.

MISURA Monitors for notebook.

How do monitors make your life more comfortable?

When working with children

Your work and your children’s entertainment in one time – with MISURA Monitors the scenario you have at your fingertips.

We give you the opportunity to work even in challenging conditions.

When working in the field

Save time with unnecessary commuting to the office where you have facilities. MISURA Monitors will ensure you create a backdrop wherever you need it.

We give you the ability to work the way you need to work wherever you need to work.

At the homeoffice

Homeoffice doesn’t mean compromising your efficiency. It just takes creating the conditions you need.

We’ll set up your office wherever you need it.

When presenting to clients

Be professional when presenting your product or service. The days of everyone looking at one screen are over.

We will provide you with a professional presentation tool.


MISURA monitors variants

Portable LCD monitors 13.3″

Portable LCD monitors 13.3″

Portable LCD monitors - 13.3 ", Full HD, IPS, 220cd / m2, USB-C, HDMI, Low Blue mode. Suitable for laptops…

Portable LCD monitors 11.6″

Portable LCD monitors 11.6″

Portable LCD monitors - 11.6", Full HD, IPS, 350cd / m2, USB-C, HDMI, Low-blue mode. Suitable for laptops measuring 11.6"…

Portable LCD monitors 10.1″

Portable LCD monitors 10.1″

Portable LCD monitors - 10.1", Full HD, IPS, 350cd / m2, USB-C, HDMI, Low-blue mode. Suitable for laptops from 10.1"…


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